Office History

Ehrlich Dental Associates’ roots can be traced back to 1917. That was the year that Dr. Leonard Nathan earned his American dental degree from Harvard. Dr. Nathan was a New Zealander who received his first dental degree in Perth, Australia and then immigrated to Boston to teach anatomy at Harvard Medical School. He went back to dental school at Harvard in order to earn the credentials required to practice in America. He established his practice in the Back Bay and catered to the “carriage trade,” so named based on his well-to-do patients who generally travelled to their appointments by carriage. He established the first dental clinic at Beth Israel Hospital and was a mentor for such legendary dentists as Dr. Henry Goldman. Dr. Nathan spent his career caring for patients in his private practice, teaching at Harvard and supervising the hospital clinic. He passed away in 1978 at age 95.

In 1954, Dr. Nathan brought Dr. Harold Ehrlich into his practice as a partner.  Dr. Ehrlich had recently been discharged from the Air Force and was introduced to Dr. Nathan when he joined the faculty of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Ehrlich’s clinical practice quickly became his pride and joy. As a dentist, his hands were gifted and his mind was sharp. He could think outside the box, often solving dental problems that no other provider had been able to. Outside of the office, Dr. Harold continued his teaching at Harvard Dental for 56 years.  He shared his love of dentistry with three generations of students, inspiring and always encouraging them. His positive attitude was infectious and his practical knowledge was priceless. He also traveled around New England as part of a Harvard sponsored continuing education program, teaching local dentists the art of his craft. It gave him great enjoyment to know that, not only did his teaching make the students’ lives more fulfilling, but also through those students, he indirectly improved their patients’ lives as well.

Dr. Harold cared for generations of patients in this office until he was 84 years old. Upon his retirement, more than 300 patients and colleagues attended a party in his honor, a tribute to the outstanding dentist he was. He passed away in August, 2009 after having practiced for more than 25 years together with his son, Dr. Marc Ehrlich.