Practice Philosophy


Less is More.  These three simple words summarize the Ehrlich Dental Associates treatment philosophy on achieving optimal dental health throughout a long life. It is based on observation of patients in our “dental family.” The longevity of our practice, founded in 1917, has allowed us to study the dental patterns of many patients, some for longer than 60 years. We have noted that the patients who have retained their teeth into their 80’s and 90’s are those who have had the least elective treatment.

When treatment is indicated for our patients, it is performed quickly and painlessly by some of the best-trained and talented dentists in greater Boston. Ehrlich Dental patients can expect that we will always explain the situation in understandable language and then recommend treatment options, including the least invasive. Dr. Ehrlich and team will provide the pros and cons of each treatment possibility, thereby enabling patients to arrive at a decision about their treatment. Of course, all treatment plans strive to maximize excellent aesthetics and function.

More is Better describes our practice view of preventative care. This includes rigorous home care, combined with regular professional “cleanings” and exams. To the extent our patients are active participants in their daily oral hygiene, they can effectively limit the amount of time spent in the dental chair.

Ehrlich Dental Associates welcomes you to visit our office and determine if we are the right dental care provider for you.  We pledge to never over-treat you and we will always strive to respect your time by being punctual for your appointments.